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Our April issue is all about F&B Quality and Cost Control. I hope you enjoy every word in every article as much as I have. I greatly appreciate all the writers’ energy, time, and effort they invest in telling us what they have learned in their professional lives.

Now we are looking for writers who wish to share their thoughts about leadership or management. If you are interested, please feel free to send me a proposal at Here is what I have been thinking about leadership:

I enjoy using Twitter, and sometimes when I read some of the “well-said” statements, whether they be from friends or recognized world leaders, I feel fresh air coming into my brain. However, recently I have unfollowed many of them as I was no longer feeling refreshed by what I read. It was not because I don’t like them or disagree with them; I simply became less interested in learning more about the ugly sides (in their individual perspective) of the world. What they were digging out and presenting were negative, certainly not “well-said,” messages that provided me little wisdom or constructive advice. And worse, some of them kept introducing new faces to my Twitter wall, like hosting a speed dating event. I am an opened-minded person, but I don’t like to be persuaded or be forced to think, vote, or endorse anything that I am not familiar with. However, I still believe that, as it is their own Twitter account, they have the freedom to say or do anything they like, as long as they don’t hurt other people’s freedom, ideally.

Our magazine content should give our readers something useful or cheerful while maintaining a great sense of reading pleasure. As our editor once said, “You can only write 20 percent of what you know.” It is definitely not easy to produce a good article. However, our editing team is ready to assist writers, hopefully like yourself, every step of the way to help you to make your article publication-ready. I encourage you to submit us your article about leadership or management, hopefully starting right from your own unique or bold personal experiences!

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